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Lifting Local Economies, One Parcel at a Time.

Only a small percentage of the developing world’s population receive legal recognition of their land rights, especially where ownership is held informally or based on customary forms of tenure. Without a recognized deed, title or lease, these rightful landholders are unable to gain access to capital and are less likely to make long-term investments in their land. MEDEEM provides a proactive and sustainable, process-driven solution to bridge the gap between informal land holding and formal land registration.

MEDEEM is taken from the Ghanaian Twi phrase, “mi din mu” meaning “in my name.” This simple phrase truly captures the intent of the program – to provide legal empowerment to the vulnerable by formally connecting them to their land rights.

MEDEEM is able to provide an affordable and accessible means to formalize land rights by leveraging its innovative technology and process efficiencies with a social-impact business model that is locally based. Unlike typical “top down” land registration programs that have often failed to effectively serve the needs of the economically disadvantaged and other vulnerable groups, MEDEEM utilizes a unique, private-sector led approach to drive change from the bottom up – one parcel at a time.